About Us   - We Stand ABCD
Above and Beyond Call of Duty
Our Mission Statement is also Our Game Plan
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Newport Construction, Inc.
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Newport Construction is a woman founded California Corporation fully focused on
attention to details.

This attention to details is very fitting as our trades; for the most part; are in
Architectural Finishes Division where all our work will remain open to everyone's

Although we pride ourselves in the quality of the work we deliver, we never lose sight
of those opportunities where we may further excel and learn new or more efficient
means and methods or even improve the quality of the work we deliver to our clients.

In the spirit of the sportsmanship and teamwork, analogically we consider ourselves
as a team-member with the General Contractor being the Team Captain,
Architect(s), Construction Management, and Inspection the referees and linesmen,
the Client the owner of the Team, and Plans & Specs the rules of the Game.

We realize that none of the above individuals or entities could possibly win unless
and until we all win.  And in achieving this win we also recognize and appreciate that
the game is always a race against the time too.